After receiving his first musical instrument at age twelve (Drum set), Kevin instantly became passionate about music. He began taking private drum lessons, participating in every available school band program, and practicing daily (sometimes for hours). In high school, he became interested in expanding his musical interests from Drums and Percussion, to Musical Theory, Piano, Guitar, Voice and anything else he could get ahold of.

Kevin then went on to study Music Theory and Composition at Carroll University and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. During this time, he continued to hone his drumming skills by playing regularly at River Glen Christian Church. He also Created the sound and music for a video game called Mario Inaliano. 

Kevin was working full time as an HVAC technician at the time, and decided to make a switch to a less time consuming job in HVAC Technical support. This allowed  him more time for music and family. With his new found free time, Kevin began working on the idea that is now Kevin Wypiszynski Music. Starting with just a MIDI Keyboard and a loop pedal, he began to learn the skills necessary for the "one man band" sound. Inspired mostly by artists like Ed Sheeran, he quickly learned to add drums, bass and backup vocals to his music, giving him a unique vibe that can fit any atmosphere. 

Kevin's genres mostly come from his musical influences, some of which include: Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons. You will hear their music changed slightly each time it is played, to adapt to the venue as well as to keep things interesting. Kevin's highly dynamic range and catchy grooves create a musical experience that is not easy to walk away from.

Currently, Kevin is picking up as many live shows as possible, both to gain experience, and to have as much fun as possible playing music for others. He Has has begun writing and playing original music and intends to begin recording in 2022.