Passionate about music since childhood, Kevin Wypiszynski is a versatile musician hailing from southeastern Wisconsin. Starting with a drum set at age twelve, Kevin's musical journey took off as he immersed himself in private lessons, school band programs, and hours of daily practice.

Expanding his horizons beyond drums and percussion, Kevin delved into music theory, piano, guitar, and vocals throughout high school and beyond. He pursued further studies in Music Theory and Composition at Carroll University and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

While juggling a full-time job as an HVAC technician, Kevin made a pivotal decision to transition to HVAC Technical support, freeing up more time for family and music. Thus, Kevin Wypiszynski Music was born. Armed with a guitar and a loop pedal, and inspired by artists like Ed Sheeran, Kevin developed a unique "one-man band" sound, blending drums, bass, and backup vocals seamlessly to create a captivating musical experience adaptable to any atmosphere.

Drawing influence from legendary acts like Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and Mumford and Sons, Kevin infuses their music with his own creative touch. Each rendition is carefully crafted to suit the venue and deliver an enthralling performance. With highly dynamic range and infectious grooves, Kevin ensures that his music leaves a lasting impression.

Kevin is now focused on expanding his live show repertoire, gaining valuable experience, and sharing the joy of music with audiences. Having ventured into songwriting, he has his sights set on recording original music in the near future.

Join Kevin Wypiszynski on this musical journey as he continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication. Stay tuned for upcoming shows, mesmerizing performances, and the much-anticipated release of his original music. 🎤🎸